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Plant for production of pipes and fittings from polyester reinforced fiberglass

Aktobe city

Project cost:650 million tenge

Status:the plant produced pipes and fittings made of glass fiber reinforced with polyester (CC GRP - Centrifugal cast glassfiber reinforced polyster, according to HOBAS Engineering Austria technology). The plant was built to facilitate the implementation of the industry program "Drinking Water 2002 - 2010" and produced pipes with a diameter of DN 200 to DN 1400 mm, with a nominal working pressure PN from 1 to 25 atmospheres and a hardness SN 5,000 to 1,000,000 N / sq. .m. Due to the resulting accounts payable, the right to dispose of the property of the enterprise was transferred to the balance sheet of Kazkommertsbank JSC. From the moment of receipt of this property, the Bank carries out activities to find a potential buyer. The main reason for the decline in investor interest is the high price for this production workshop (about 650 million tenge).


Design capacity: 160 km of pipes per year
State support provided: not provided