Advantages of Aktobe region

Aqtobe region is one of the dynamically developing regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the rapid development of which is associated with the implementation of large-scale oil and gas, mining and other major projects.

Минерально-сырьевые ресурсы

In addition, the region is a strategic industrial and agricultural region of the country. The share of the gross regional product of the region for 2020 in the republic amounted to 4.2%.

Industry is the main driver of the economy, forming about 40% of the region's gross regional product.

The region has significant potential for the development of the metallurgical, chemical and oil and gas industries; in the bowels of the region there are deposits of almost all minerals of the periodic table. For example, the region ranks 2nd in the world in terms of chromium ore reserves, 3rd in Kazakhstan in terms of hydrocarbon and copper ore reserves.

The region is an important strategic hub due to the developed transport interchange and transit specialization.

Транспортная инфраструктура

Several directions of air and automobile highways intersect, which connect Central Asia with the European part of Russia.

Stable sales markets are located in the immediate vicinity - 7 large cities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan are located within a radius of 900 kilometers, the market size is more than 12 million people.

The unique geographical location at the intersection of aviation, railway, highways and close to the water area of ​​the Caspian Sea, through most areas and regions of Central Asia are connected with European regions.

Транспортная инфраструктура

In general, a powerful frame of an extensive transport infrastructure has been formed in the region. The transport infrastructure of the Aqtobe region includes the totality of all types of transport, with the exception of water transport. The nearest port is the Caspian port of Aktau, the distance is 1200 km. (Exit to the Caucasus and the Middle East through the port of Aktau)

The transcontinental highway "Western Europe - Western China" runs through the Aqtobe region, an extensive network of roads leads to the south of the Republic, to northern Kazakhstan, the Volga region of Russia, to international routes.

The road "Western Europe-Western China" is part of the New Silk Road.

Автомобильная дорога «Западная Европа-Западный Китай»

Rail transportation plays an important role in the development and satisfaction of the needs of the population of the region in freight and passenger transportation. The share of railway transport in the total freight turnover of the country is about 50%. The following railway lines pass through the Aqtobe region:

The "New Silk Road" is not just as a revival of the ancient Silk Road, a transport route between East and West, but as a large-scale transformation of the entire trade and economic model of Eurasia, and, first of all, of Central and Central Asia.

Annual growth of transit container trains in the directions "Europe - Russia - Kazakhstan - Central Asia - China"